What Is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy (AKA Musculoskeletal Therapy) is an advanced and comprehensive approach to preventing, treating and managing musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.  It uses the basis of Remedial Massage Therapy and integrates it with assessments, skills and knowledge similar to those of physiotherapy and osteopathy.    

So, how is myotherapy different from physiotherapy and osteopathy?  
My sole focus as a Myotherapist is to help relieve pain and treat musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injury (Australian Natural Therapy Association). In very short form, Physio’s focus on diagnosing and treating conditions (Allied Health Professions Australia) and Osteo’s focus on how the body functions holistically (Osteopathy Australia). There is a lot of crossover between them but the approach is usually slightly different.    

Myotherapy and Massage, what's the difference?
The difference between myotherapy and remedial massage is the advanced knowledge, assessments and techniques offered with the treatment. Myotherapy treatments work with muscle, nerve, joints and connective tissue of the body, instead of just looking at the muscular system.
These treatments can help you keep your body aligned and improve your range of motion.

Need more than a massage but want a hands-on approach to treatment? 

What to expect from your Myotherapy session:

Myotherapy is primarily manual therapy.
However, there may be an active part to your assessment and treatment.
The active part of treatment may be in the form of assessing your movement with certain tasks and strengthening weakened muscles.
We may also go through exercises to increase your neuromuscular control or body movements to assist with treatment techniques.  

Before and after each treatment I will assess your needs and in line with your goals from the session.  
Each treatment is unique to the individual and a plan forward is created inclusive of your lifestyle, abilities, needs and wants.  

On your initial treatment we will determine if Remedial Therapy or Myotherapy will be right for you.

Benefits of Myotherapy

There are many benefits to having myotherapy treatments.
If you have an underlying condition, you can be assured that your myotherapist is highly trained and will take all of your health history into consideration with your treatments.  
Myotherapy will help increase your quality of life when faced with illness such as diabetes and neuromuscular disease.  
It can assist you with pain management for chronic lower back pain, acute pain and neural conditions like fibromyalgia.
Myotherapy can help reduce muscle contractions and spasms.
Myotherapy will also help optimise your movement and balance which can be helpful for seniors, athletes and people with underlying conditions.

My Myotherapy Techniques

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Trigger point therapy  
  • Soft tissue massage  
  • Myofascial release  
  • Cupping therapy  
  • Dry needling  
  • Electro-dry needling  
  • Exercise prescription  
  • Stretching  
  • Joint mobilisation  
  • Muscle energy techniques  
  • Taping (ridgid and Kinesio-tape)   
  • Lymphatic drainage  
  • IANSM (Instrument Assisted Neuro Sensory Modulation)

What Conditions Do Myotherapists Treat?

Myotherapists treat pain, neural, myofascial and joint conditions.
We treat sports and overuse injuries, mobility and stability conditions and headaches. We can also help with musculoskeletal and neuromuscular symptoms of disease.
As a myotherapist I have treated patients with a variety of different injuries and conditions.
During my practice I have noticed 3 main types of people coming in with common ailments.

Myotherapy For Sports

Common ailments for sports I treat include:  Improving athletic performance
 Injury prevention  
Runner's knee / Patellofemoral pain syndrome  Impingements  
Sprains / strains  
Labral tears  
Golfers Elbow
Tennis Elbow  
Injury and pain management

Myotherapy For Tradies And Physical Workers

Common ailments for tradies and physical workers I treat include:  
Lower Back Pain  
Core stability  
Disc bulge  
TMJ disorders  
Peripheral neuropathy  
Tendonitis and tendinopathy

Myotherapy For Seniors

Common ailments for seniors I treat include:  Falls prevention
Muscle imbalance and weakness  
Slow lymphatics and circulation  
Plantar fasciitis  
Peripheral neuropathy and radiculopathy  Post surgery rehabilitation  
Hip mobility  
Lower back, SIJ and neck pain

Nancy Jackson and Myotherapy

Clinical Myotherapist

I am a female Clinical Myotherapist (BHS). I was introduced to Myotherapy after completing my massage and fitness certifications and have never looked back. I graduated the Bachelor Degree in 2018 and went into full time practice.  I enjoy taking those tricky cases and especially like working with neural and fascial conditions.

Private Health Rebates Available

On the spot claiming for remedial massage therapy and Myotherapy is offered at this practice for:  
BUPA, Medibank Private, NIB, AAMI, APIA, AHM, Defence Health, Suncorp, Frank Health Insurance, GMHBA, IMAN, ING Health Insurance, Qantas Insurance, Priceline Health Insurance, Police Health, Emergency Services Health, Union Health, Teachers Union Health.  
For other health funds, a receipt can be collected at the end of treatment to claim back with your provider.