A Therapist Here For You

Clinical Myotherapy, Remedial Massage Therapy, Pilates and Mobility Coaching in Moreton Bay Caboolture.

Whatever you needs and goals, I have you covered.
Its time to get back on track.

Feel aligned, pain free and stable with a personalised treatment program.

On the table you can experience firm deep tissue massage, dry needling and cupping techniques to name a few.
I have an active and results focused approach to treating.

I believe in releasing the tight, strained muscles and strengthening
the weak, disconnected muscles for targeted results.

Off the table we will develop your core strength, stabilising muscles and neuromuscular function.
Efficiently restore your body with these solutions to musculoskeletal health.

Myotherapy is a combination therapy for treating musculoskeletal conditions including muscles, nerves, joints and fascia.
- Myotherapy treatment
- Myotherapy for Mobility

Remedial Therapy is manual hands on treatment. It provides Relief from tight muscles and connective tissue.
- Quick Treatment
- Lymphatic Drainage
- Pregnancy Massage

Pilates promotes posture, flexibility and balance. The functional movements in Pilates allows you to build strength stability in wide joint ranges.  
- 1 on 1 Pilates
- Group Bookings

Workshops are a great way to learn how you can mange your own recovery and activity. Knowledge you gain from these can be used for years to come.
- Reset Sunday
- Roll back the clock

I specialise in pain relief

I've been in pain and it’s horrible, therefore my mission is to provide advanced customised therapies to support you in achieving what you need for your body.
Whether that's being out of pain, being able to bend over and pick something up, run a marathon, be in peak condition for a fight or even just be able to lie down without hurting.
Let me help you achieve your goals.

Health Fund Rebates Available

Trusted Caboolture Massage and Myotherapy clinic with MMA.

Specialising in acute and chronic pain relief, posture and mobility.

What Nancy Jayne's Clients Are Saying

"Having dealt with a mongrel back and neck for 30 years and having tried absolutely everything else, Nancy is a Godsend. After only 4 sessions, I am getting 2 weeks pain relief each time. For me, that is amazing. I am also finding that if I do something stupid, I am bouncing back a lot faster than I used to. Do yourself a favour, go and see Nancy. You won't regret it."

Rosalind Fitzgerald
Google Review

"Nancy is exceptional in her field. A results driven, warm caring person, Nancy works her magic physically, intuitively and professionally to a session standard, you're unlikely to find elsewhere. I highly recommend you book in, to let Nancy get you back to your best self. What are you waiting for..."

Sharon Crawley
Google Review

"Nancy has the most tender, firm and thorough massage technique Ive experienced in a long time. As a mature-aged athlete I have found better form and endurance from the care she's given. Very informative too. Highly recommended."

Peta Robinson
Google Review

 "After nearly ending up in hospital yesterday again for the second time this week with my back pain, I decided to hold off and wait for the amazing Nancy Jackson to do a treatment. Nancy has been working with me for years keeping my back issues as bay. After a treatment with her yesterday I no longer feel like my tailbone and hips are being crushed, she settled the nerve pain generating down my legs and she strapped me up so my back is being supported. And the best bit, I actually got some sleep last night🎉 thanks Nancy❤️"

Marsha Boyle
Google Review