What is mobility?
In short, mobility is your joint range of motion.
But when I talk about mobility, I am not simply talking about your joint ranges.
Mobility takes into consideration the forces against your joints for example from your muscles, ligaments and tendons.
It takes into consideration your nerve input into the muscle and fascia creating weaknesses or over tight areas decreasing the stability of your joints and over compensations from other structures.
We look at joint stiffness (connective tissue in between the joints) and the ability of the joint to move and how we can mobilise these structures.

How I can help you?
Improving your posture, increasing your flexibility and strengthening your weaknesses can all help increase your mobility.
Often when I ask people what their recovery programming looks like, people mostly say "I should stretch more".
Knowing that you should stretch is one thing.
But we are often not sure exactly what we should be doing for our body.
This is where we fall down.
Here, we can start to look at what your body needs to decrease your risk of injury and decrease the pain you feel in day to day life.

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